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Tips For The New Parent


Any temperature greater than 100.4 rectally is considered a fever

Temp > 100.4 before 8wks of age warrants evaluation by your pediatrician

All temps should be taken rectally

• Ears and foreheads do not count

If temperature may give:

• Tylenol 15mg/kg every 4hrs as needed (see medication guidelines on website)

• Tylenol for Infants (80mg/0.8ml) concentration

Vomiting & Diarrhea

Routine “spit-up” after feeds is very common, and not a problem

Persistent “spit-up” may be an indication of reflux (again, common in infancy)

• Prevention strategies

• Frequent burping

• Keep baby upright at least 30mins after feeds

• Infant or bouncy seat (without the bouncing, of course)

• Smaller, more frequent feeds

Projectile or bilious (green) vomiting warrants evaluation by your pediatrician

Diarrhea with or without vomiting is okay as long as hydration is maintained

• Electrolyte solutions (i.e. Pedialyte) are preferred choice

• Juices diluted w/ pedialyte (1:1 solution) is another good alternative

• Plain water is not good

• Vomit & diarrhea are rich in electrolytes, therefore rehydration solution should be similar in content

• Juices are often too sugary, and not tolerated as well as pedialyte

Rule of Thumb – Maintaining Hydration of Infants

1tsp (5ml) of Rehydration Solution Every 5mins

Signs of dehydration that should prompt a trip to the pediatrician’s office

• Unable to tolerate any fluids

• Dry mucous membranes (dry lips, tongue and mouth)

• No tears when crying

• Sunken in “soft spot”

• Decreased urine production

Welcome Home Baby

Umbilical Cord Care

• Umbilical stump will eventually fall off on its own (usually takes about 7-10days)

• No special care needed, however…

• Alcohol swab can be used to clean around the stump

• Will help dry it up

• No bath tub until after umbilical stump falls off

Noisy Breathing

• Small airways with lots of boogies means noisy breathing

• Easy cure

• Nasal saline & suctioning

• 2-3 drops of saline in each nostril followed by bulb suction

• Babies don’t like this, so beware

Crusty Eyes

• Most commonly due to clogged tear duct

• Very common in infants

• Due to tiny lacrimal ducts (tubes that help drain tears)

• Can persist for a few months, but will eventually resolve on its own

• What to do…

• Wash with warm cloth

• Nasal-lacrimal massage

• Rub the bridge of the baby’s nose, and around the eye

• This helps loosen up the clogs

Skin Issues

• Most babies have very dry skin

• Keep them moist, especially in the winter

Moisturizing lotions are a plus

• Lathering up w/ lotions after baths help lock in the moisture

• Yes it’s true…Babies do get pimples too!

• Nothing to worry about

• Usually due to maternal hormones

• Will resolve on its own in several weeks to months