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Monroe Pediatrics is a division of Allied Pediatrics of New York

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About Monroe Pediatric Associates

About Monroe Pediatrics

Practicing patient-centered care since 1964

About Monroe Pediatric Associates

In 1964, Monroe Pediatrics opened its doors to the children of Orange County in the basement office of the late Dr. Arthur Goldstein, the first pediatrician in the area. Dr. Mohammad Pourfar, a colleague of Dr. Goldstein’s from Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY joined the practice in 1970.  In 1975, with the addition of Dr. Alan Harawitz, the small country practice grew and parents from all over the tri-state area began to bring their children to Monroe Pediatrics to experience the wonderful care these three physicians gave. Our first female pediatrician, Dr. Stacey Rosmarin, joined the group in 1990 and shortly after Dr. Nilufer Clubwala added her diagnostic skills to the group.

Together the five physicians provided compassionate and quality care which inspired three of their patients, Drs Jamee Goldstein, Evan Harawitz and Danielle Dziedzic to go into pediatrics.  In the mid to late 2000’s, these physicians joined the group as well. Drs. Arthur Goldstein, Dr. Pourfar, and Dr. Alan Harawitz have since retired, but the remaining five pediatricians have stayed to practice patient-centered care, while enjoying the camaraderie of being their own “family.”

Monroe Pediatrics offers the convenience of seven day a week care with emergency hours on Sundays and holidays and separate offices for well and sick children. We also have our own in-house lab for cultures and baseline blood work. Our physicians can perform suture/staple placement in our office and administer nebulizer treatments for patients with respiratory illnesses.  Monroe Pediatrics is affiliated with Orange Regional Medical Center.

Monroe Pediatrics is still accepting new patients and we invite you to become part of “our family.”